Pasticcino Bag dresses the Pastry Shops of Sébastien Gaudard
Discover the special layout created by Weekend Max Mara on Sébastien Gaudard's pastry shops at the launch of the new Pasticcino Bag Hommage à la France. From 12th to 21st May.
04 Weekend Max Mara
03 Def Weekend Max Mara
Pasticcino Bag sensory experience
Download the invitation and participate in the Sensory Experience. A journey through the five senses in which you will be revealed the details that inspired the pairing of the Pasticcino Bag with the macaron, the French treat par excellence.
The experience continues in store
The experience also continues on the Rue de Rennes store. Get swept away by the lace of the Master Dentellier André Laude and the ceramics of the Manufacture des Emaux de Longwy, precious finishing touches that make this bag a true icon. A dedicated gift will welcome you.
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